CUPE Hospitals

CUPE Hospitals

The Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) is Canada's largest health care union.

CUPE Hospitals

CUPE’s Superior Benefits

There is so much more to Benefits than the Benefits Premium. CUPE has better benefits with less cost to our members.

Compare for yourself:

The cost to a CUPE member vs an SEIU member for 1 year

Example: 1 prescription/month; 1 pair of eyeglasses; 5 visits to a physiotherapist

*based on individual coverage

With CUPE’s benefits, the more you need the benefits and use the benefit plan the more you will save compared to SEIU’s plan. Even if your prescription is several hundreds of dollars per month you still don’t pay a single dollar for that prescription.

In addition CUPE has these superior benefits:

Part-time Percent in Lieu

Part-time and casual CUPE members earn 14% in lieu of benefits no matter how many hours you work. This adds up to thousands of dollars more than the 8% in lieu or

$1000 flex benefit plan SEIU members get. A CUPE part-time employee working 24 hours per week and making $25.00 per hour will earn an additional $4,368 per year. They can use this to buy superior benefits to the SEIU flex plan or use it for anything they choose.

Sick Days for Full-time Employees

Each union and each site currently has a different Sick Day plan

CUPE at Providence

18 sick days per year, paid at your full wage, and which accumulate and are carried over each year. Sick days are banked and used when needed for short term disability.

This bank is paid out to employees when they retire, paying them many thousands of dollars.

CUPE at St Joe’s

75 sick days per incident. These 75 days are paid at your full wage regardless of how long you have worked for UHT.

SEIU at St Mike’s

75 sick days per incident and similar to St Joe’s except that if you have less than 4 years service you don’t get your full wages but a prorated amount:

3 months to 1 year – 66 2/ %
1 to 2 years – 70%
2 to 3 years – 80%
3 to 4 years – 90%

See CUPE’s Central Agreement and SEIU’s St Mike’s Agreement here

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The Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) is Canada's largest health care union.