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CUPE Hospitals

The Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) is Canada's largest health care union.


CUPE's Response to Employer Email

CUPE Hospitals

Open Letter to all Mt Sinai Employees Represented by NOWU

On Friday, February 14th the employer sent an email to all Service and Clerical employees represented by NOWU. Below you will find CUPE’s response to this email clearly putting the employer on notice that it will not tolerate any interference in your right to choose which union you wish to have represent you in the workplace.

Please know that the laws in Ontario provide you the right, at the workplace on breaks, lunch and before and after work, to:

  • Make your decisions free from harassment, intimidation or coercion by the employer or any union;
  • Change the union that represents you in the workplace;
  • Talk about union business, changing your union, CUPE, etc.
  • Talk to a CUPE organizer
  • Sign a CUPE membership card

Your rights are protected by law and no one should be telling you that you will lose your job if you sign a CUPE membership card or choose to join CUPE. If the employer or the other union is telling you this, it is a violation of the Ontario Labour Relations Act as this is intimidation used to scare you from joining CUPE.

You need a union that will protect you and ensure your rights are protected, not a union that will scare and intimidate you, those are employer tactics. If you experience any intimidation at Mt. Sinai as result of supporting CUPE contact me at [email protected].

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The Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) is Canada's largest health care union.